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Photo Engraved Night Lamp with Name

Photo Engraved Night Lamp with Name

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Size - 20cm x 15cm

Introducing Our Cherished Memories Personalized Engraved Night Lamp: Capturing Love in Every Detail

Embrace the power of love and create an eternal masterpiece with our Cherished Memories Personalized Engraved Night Lamp. Beyond a simple gift, it's a vessel of treasured moments, a testament to the profound connection between two souls.

A Radiant Tribute to Love: Imagine your most cherished photograph, etched delicately into a transparent acrylic canvas. Every contour, every smile, immortalized with precision and care. As the soft LED light beneath illuminates this engraved masterpiece, the room comes alive with the warmth of shared memories, making each night a celebration of love.

Your Love, Forever Etched: What sets our night lamp apart is its deeply personal touch. Send us your favorite couple photograph, and watch as it's transformed into a stunning, enduring engraving on the acrylic panel. Alongside this visual symphony of love, we offer the option to engrave the couple's names and their special anniversary date. It's not just a lamp; it's a story – your story, etched forever.

Artistry Meets Craftsmanship: The acrylic panel, graced with the ethereal glow of the LED light, rests elegantly upon a sturdy wooden base. Crafted with precision and care, this lamp is a harmonious blend of artistic finesse and skilled craftsmanship. Every angle, every detail, resonates with the essence of love, making it a truly unparalleled gift.

A Timeless Gift for Every Occasion: Be it a wedding, an anniversary, or a momentous milestone, our Cherished Memories Engraved Night Lamp is the epitome of heartfelt gifting. It encapsulates the essence of the bond shared by the couple, making it a cherished treasure that stands the test of time.


  • Personalized Acrylic Engraving: Your chosen couple photograph expertly etched onto high-quality acrylic, capturing every nuance of your shared love story.
  • Customized Engraving: Option to engrave the couple's names and their memorable anniversary date, adding a personal touch.
  • Warm LED Illumination: Soft LED light beneath the acrylic, creating a gentle and soothing ambiance, perfect for romantic evenings.
  • Handcrafted Wooden Base: Sturdy and elegant wooden base, providing a stable foundation for your cherished memories.

Gift a Story, Gift Cherished Memories: Our Cherished Memories Personalized Engraved Night Lamp is not just a gift; it's an emotional journey, a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Gift it to the couples in your life, and watch as their eyes light up with the recognition of a love so beautifully encapsulated. For in every engraved detail lies a universe of love, waiting to be rediscovered every single night

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