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Custom Photo Night Lamp

Custom Photo Night Lamp

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Size - 20cm x 15cm

Introducing Our Radiant Memories Personalized Engraved Night Lamp: Where Love Comes to Light

Journey into the heart of love with our Radiant Memories Personalized Engraved Night Lamp, a masterpiece that transforms treasured moments into a captivating display of affection. Every glance at this lamp is a voyage back to a cherished memory, illuminating the room with the radiant glow of love.

Capturing Your Love Story: Imagine your favorite couple photograph coming to life in soft luminescence. Our expert craftsmen delicately print your cherished photo on a thin film, wrapping the night lamp in the essence of your love. The soft LED light behind the image gives it a glowing effect, making the picture appear as if it's infused with the warmth of your affection.

Your Love, Illuminated: This night lamp isn't just about light; it's about the light of your lives – your shared moments, laughter, and whispered promises. The wooden base provides a sturdy foundation, symbolizing the strong bond you share, while the glowing image atop encapsulates the ethereal beauty of your love story.

A Personal Touch, Perfectly Illuminated: Not only do we capture your couple photo in vivid detail, but we also offer the option to engrave your names, marking your love as a timeless treasure. Every glance at this lamp is a reminder of the love that binds you, a testament to the enduring romance you share.

Craftsmanship and Love Combined: Meticulously crafted, this night lamp is a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and affection. The glowing effect gives life to the photograph, turning it into a beacon of love that lights up your nights. Its elegant design ensures it fits seamlessly into any space, bringing an aura of love to every corner of the room.


  • Glowing Photo Print: Your cherished couple photo printed on a thin film, illuminated by a soft, glowing LED light for a mesmerizing effect.
  • Custom Engraving: Option to engrave your names, adding a personal touch and making this lamp a truly unique keepsake.
  • Sturdy Wooden Base: Handcrafted wooden base providing stability and representing the strong foundation of your relationship.
  • Radiant Love, Every Night: A perfect addition to your bedside table, lighting up your nights with the warmth of your love.

Illuminate Your Love Story: Our Radiant Memories Personalized Engraved Night Lamp isn't just a gift; it's a celebration of your unique love story. Gift it to the couples in your life and witness the magic it brings – the magic of love that glows brightly, even in the darkest of nights. Because in every glow, there's a story waiting to be told, a love waiting to shine.

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